A Collection of One-of-a-Kind Hublot Timepieces

A Collection of One-of-a-Kind Hublot Timepieces

For over four decades, Hublot has been introducing one-of-a-kind luxury timepieces to the market. Despite being one of the youngest watch brands in the industry, Hublot still produces exquisite watches. Here are some of its newest models from the Big Bang series.

1. The Hublot Big Bang 402.QF.0110.WR Ferrari Unico Black Dial Red Ceramic

The Big Bang 402.QF.0110.WR is one of the most stunning Hublot watches right now. It is a limited edition watch inspired by the famous Italian luxury sports car manufacturer Ferrari. This automatic timepiece incorporates exquisite aesthetics with a black and red design. The Watch Company’s online shopping website offers it for a price of ¥2,340,819.

This watch’s skeleton dial displays the iconic Ferrari logo, a tiny date window, an additional sub-dial, steel hands, and Arabic numeral indexes, all fitted in a 45-millimeter ceramic casing with red bezel and calfskin leather straps. As per its inside features, this timepiece can resist water for up to 100 meters and equips a 38-jewel caliber with 72 hours of power reserve.

2. The Hublot Big Bang 414.CI.1123.RX Meca-10 Black Magic Ceramic

This Hublot men’s watch from the Big Bang collection is an excellent option for black lovers. It comes with a black skeleton dial that incorporates a power reserve indicator, an additional small sub-dial, luminous silver-toned hands, and index-type hour markers. The 45 mm ceramic casing of this timepiece also has a transparent back cover and black rubber straps.

One of the best features of the Hublot Big Bang 414CI1123RX is its excellent power reserve that lasts for up to 10 days. Plus, it is water-resistant for 100 meters. This manual-winding timepiece is also available at The Watch Company, an online shopping website, for a price of ¥1,747,637.

3. The Hublot Big Bang 361.PX.7180.LR.1204 Blue Dial 18K Gold

The model 361.PX.7180.LR.1204 from Hublot’s Big bang series is the only ladies’ watch on the list yet the most luxurious. It comes with a stunning casing made from 18 karats of rose gold material, a diamond-packed bezel, and blue alligator leather straps. This timepiece’s attractive blue dial incorporates luminous gold-toned hands with mixed Arabic numerals and index-type hour markers.

Besides stunning aesthetics, this Hublot Big Bang watch also has many satisfying features. It has a quartz-type caliber with accurate movements and 42 hours of power reserve. Plus, it also works pretty fine under the water for up to 30 meters. This timepiece has a diameter of 38 millimeters and is offered by The Watch Company at the price of ¥1,636,273.

4. The Hublot Big Bang 411.CM.1138.RX Unico Magic Gold Dial Black Ceramic

Another stunning watch from Hublot’s Big bang series with a stunning aesthetic design is the model 411.CM.1138.RX. It comes with an attractive gold skeleton dial that displays two additional sub-dials, luminous yellow gold-tone hands, and Arabic numeral indexes. This timepiece’s black ceramic casing measures 45 mm in diameter and is matched with black rubber straps.

This Hublot watch from the Big Bang collection also boasts many upshots like 72 hours of power reserve, 100 meters of water resistance, and precise automatic caliber movements. It is available for ¥1,608,000 at an online shopping website, The Watch Company.

5. The Hublot Big Bang 301.SX.130.RX.114 Black Dial Stainless Steel

If you want a men’s watch that looks much luxurious even at first glance, then the Hublot Big bang 301.SX.130.RX.114 is the best you got. It incorporates a diamond-packed bezel fitted in a 44 mm stainless steel casing. This timepiece’s dial shows luminous skeleton hands, Arabic numeral indexes, and three additional sub-dials.

Besides luxurious aesthetics, this timepiece also has many satisfying inside features like self-winding caliber movements, 42 hours of power reserve, and 100 meters of water resistance. You can purchase this stunning timepiece at The Watch Company’s shopping website for a price of ¥1,537,546.

6. The Hublot Big Bang 441.NE.2010.RW Unico White Dial Titanium

If there is an excellent watch for black lovers on the list, there is also one for white-themed timepiece enthusiasts. This Hublot Big Bang model comes with a clean white skeleton dial fitted in a 42 mm titanium casing and has 43 jewels with water-resistance for up to 100 meters. It costs ¥1,471,728 and is also available at The Watch Company.


If you are looking forward to buying a Hublot luxury timepiece, checking out this list is the first and best thing to do. This list of the six latest Hublot Big Bang models will help you find the watch of your dreams.

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