A Guide For Your IQ Option Smartphone App Trading

A Guide For Your IQ Option Smartphone App Trading

IQ option is an outstanding desktop and mobile trading platform that allows the consumer to exchange a variety of financial equipment and facilities, like commodities, Foreign exchange, binary options, Equities, cryptocurrencies, other resources, and indices, including Bitcoin, Ethereum.

The broker is recognized for trying to establish itself by continuously looking for new binary innovations. The iq option incorporates the requirements of the clients, unlike other brokers utilizing a standardized trading platform with the exclusive, carefully developed platform. The platform is extremely simple to use and structured around it. It has several significant advantages, such as multi-diagram models, unanticipated warnings, advanced surveys, market notifications, stock screeners, quantifiable announcements, economic forecasts, and so forth, which manages to significantly increase its usage and broaden the traders’ sufficiently good reputation.

IQ Option Smartphone App

Trading applications or software permit financial instruments, including stocks, options, futures, or currencies, to be exchanged and evaluated.

Traders may also purchase trading software from third parties that support or enhance brokerage software. The iq trading app is one of the world’s most successful trading apps, making it even easier for both novice and professionals’ traders to trade. A small group of IT engineers and financial experts formed the platform to create a platform that would include traders with the most efficient source of obtaining huge returns. This broker provides excellent and valuable characteristics due to the abundant expertise of its developers. The business has continued to expand steadily from the very starting while inching closer to the very peak of this market. Therefore, the need to have a smartphone app for all its customers has finally emerged. You can install the app from the Google Play App Store, and you can also use *.pgk for your Mac OS X or *.exe for Windows.

IQ Option Smartphone App Features

Mobile trading apps from iq option overflow with advanced features and widgets that make trading binary options one touch and on-the-go a privilege. Some of these characteristics are given below.

Technical Indicators

Technical indicators are probabilistic or pattern-based signals provided by the protection or transaction price, amount, and open interest used among traders following fundamental analysis. The collection of technical indicators by iq option is remarkable. 

As chart models, specific combinations of indicators can preserve, which is a time-saving function. Bollinger Bands, Chande Kroll Stop, Volume Oscillator, Weis Wave Volume, Stochastics, Center of Gravity, Moving Averages, MACD, and McGinley Dynamic are instances of technical indicators.

The Portfolio

You can handle your open positions and pending orders with the same ease as the computer and mobile editions with iq option’s mobile apps. To reach open positions, orders placed, and closing positions, click that ‘Portfolio’ button on the top-left of your computer.


Without necessitating you to download the app that continues these details, widgets provide you with speedy access to data. Volume, Live Deals, High and Low Values, and Traders Sentiment are the mobile app widgets of iq option. To produce the data you require, these widgets can be placed directly on one’s charts. You may need to launch ‘Graphical tools’ at the lower part of the system and then take a glance under ‘Settings’ to discover these widgets with iq option’s mobile apps. The widgets can activate via the indicators button at the bottom left of the chart window using the pragmatic web service. An exception is the ‘High and Low Values’ widget, which can only be initiated and disabled in the menu bar of the android device via’ Trading Settings.’

Trading Charts

The trading graph demonstrates data that can help you make the decision when a placement is to enter and leave. Trading charts are of many types: bar charts, line charts, point and figure, market profile, and candlesticks. In this app, Heikin-Ashi charts, bar charts, Japanese candlestick charts, line charts are accessible and can be presented from 5 seconds to 1 month in various periods.

Price Movements 

Price movement is the change in the price, particularly in the short term, of a security or other commodity. The ‘Price Movements’ alert feature of iq option is accessible only on its smartphone devices. Traders can obtain this in a manual process on the smartphone trading platform itself, but it can also send alerts to your mobile device. Essentially go to settings, alerts, sharp jump/drop to initiate these alerts and activate them. You will then receive updates as they happen about accelerated investment price fluctuations.

Protection of Funds and Information

The latest advances in technology are used by the iq option app to safeguard your financial resources as well as private details. You can rely on customer service that is outstanding and highly qualified. CySec also governs the platform, which indicates that it meets all the requirements needed in the European Union. This company was recognized as the most stable financial derivatives trading broker by Masterforex-V Academy back in 2014. It is a network of well-known and respected financial analysts who are devoted to serving traders and explore all they want to comprehend about trading. All these achievements demonstrate that the platform is a genuinely convenient and effective broker.

Chats and Customer Service

The mobile applications of iq option have a constructed chat function that allows you to connect with the customer service team of iq option as well as other traders around the world. The chat box is made up of many components, as you can see in the screenshot above, which allows it to be comfortable and simple to use.

Instructional Videos

Education is very relevant when it comes to trading. You have immediate access to a decent range of video tutorials for improving your exchanging knowledge and expertise with iq option’s phone applications. These videos will educate you on how to use the trading platforms of iq option, how to trade various financial products, how to perform technical and basic research, and how to keep you informed with prominent market information. On the left side of your trading platform, open the ‘play button’ button to navigate these images.


Mobile apps from iq option are comfortable to hold, seamless, and rich in features. The team of experts has demonstrated over the last two years of growth that they are well aware of what they are doing and, as a result, of what they can give their consumers through exclusive facilities. It is why they have thus far occupied top positions in this market. Their app is intended to offer as much flexibility as practicable to its customers. As a consequence, on the site, the number of investors and new accounts continues to rise. Mixed with a very large range of tradable properties, these features create a wonderful combination.

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