All about Unblocking TamilRockers

All about Unblocking TamilRockers

If you enjoy downloading movies and TV series from the Internet and watching these on your mobile device or laptop, then you will be a fan of various torrent sites that let you download movies and series free of charge. Recently such websites have come under much scrutiny from government agencies for piracy. Even the Indian government has closed down many such sites and one of them is TamilRockers. However, one of the primary reasons for downloading a movie or a TV series is that people often find it difficult to visit a movie theatre to watch a movie. Sometimes you cannot watch a TV series at the time it is being aired because you might be busy. However, if you can download it, you can watch it whenever you are free and you have some time on hand. Hence, there has been an increase in the number of torrent sites even in India and one such site is TamilRockers. If you are thinking of downloading movies and series from TamilRockers some of the ways of unblocking the site are as follows:

  1. Using a proxy website or a mirror website

If you are unable to gain access to the main website of TamilRockers you access the torrent database of movies, music, through the mirror and proxy sites. The proxy sites are interlinking websites, which will take you to the destination webpage. The difference between a proxy website and a mirror website is in the URL address. The mirror site will be the same as the destination webpage. However, the URL address of a proxy website will be different. Nevertheless, the objective of both the links will be to take to the webpage of TamilRockers from where you can access the torrent database of movies, music, and series. Once you find the suitable file you can start downloading it from the proxy or mirror website itself. These links will work the same as the original TamilRockers link.

  1. Using a Virtual Private Network or VPN

Access to TamilRockers is often denied because of your ISP address. You can bypass this issue by using a VPN. For that, you will first have to download a VPN and install it onto your system. A VPN gives you access to a localized network and provides you with privacy. With the help of a VPN, you will get privacy, anonymity, and security. So if you want to unblock TamilRockers, you should use VPN to access the website. When you use VPN select a country that falls in your peer group and you will find that downloading from TamilRockers has become simpler. Moreover, you will not face any issue with downloading movies and music as it is one of the most secure methods for downloading files from the Internet.e

  1. Use the TOR browser

If you are interested in accessing sites that are blocked, then one of the methods that you can opt for is accessing it through the dark web. However, you need to download special browsers for that like the TOR browser. The TOR browser encrypts the data to ensure that the communication is anonymous. It goes through a virtual routing, which makes it difficult to trace it back to the origin of the information or the source IP address. You can use the TOR browser to gain access to the TamilRockers. However, you should try using the TOR browser through VPN as this browser is a part of the dark web and it is not very safe to be using this browser to download movies and music.

  1. Change the DNS settings

When you are accessing TamilRockers you must protect your computer from cyber-attacks. Sometimes, you cannot access the website because of your IP address and to bypass these issues, you should try to change the DNS settings of your computer. To do so you will have to go to the ‘Control Panel’ of your computer and select ‘Network Settings’. After that, open the Internet and Sharing and change the DNS settings. This will not just protect your computer from cyber attacks but also ensure that your IP address is also protected. It will also make it easier for you to gain access to the TamilRockers website. Changing the DNS settings is also considered one of the simplest ways of gaining access to a torrent website like TamilRockers.

So if you are a torrent enthusiast and want to bypass the problems of blocked sites then by making a few adjustments on your end, you can gain access to a website like TamilRockers and their extensive collection of movies, music, and chronicles. It is often good to take certain precautions when you access these sites so that your computer doesn’t get hacked into. Therefore, you should try using VPN and change the DNS settings of your computer to download in a safe and secure mode.

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