Cotton vs Straw: Which Headgear to Buy

Cotton vs Straw: Which Headgear to Buy

When choosing accessories for the sun, you should pay attention not only to the color and style of the product, but also to the material or fabric used for sewing hats and hats. How comfortable and free you will feel depends on this factor. Naturally, it is also very important for the fair sex how their individual style will be combined with a hat, and here the material is also of great importance. To buy hats at wholesale and affordable rate, check out Wholesale hats.

What kind of hat to buy

In any case, stylists and experts in the field of trichology agree that for constant wearing, women’s hats must be natural:

Summer straw hat

Due to the gaps between the straws, it provides an excellent level of thermo regulation, which eliminates heatstroke. Straw hats are hypoallergenic, so they are suitable for owners of any type of epidermis.

Women’s hats made from shantung – compressed silk paper – have the same positive qualities as straw hats, but they tolerate moisture better. True, and they are very expensive.

Cotton panama also provides uninterrupted ventilation for the head, protects skin and hair from the negative effects of UV rays.

Linen hats have almost the same properties as a cotton hat, only they have a more pronounced texture. Many people believe that linen and cotton homespun summer hats also have a pleasant cooling effect.

Less popular natural materials for summer hats are impregnated paper, jeans, and thin felt.

Cotton hat or straw photo

Style with a hat

Despite the rich choice of materials, when it comes to what kind of headdress to buy, most often we mean a cotton hat or a straw. Each of these materials has advantages and disadvantages.


  • Regardless of the style, such products look stylish and beautiful.
  • Women’s straw hats keep their shape perfectly even in strong winds.
  • For the past 200 years, straw hats have not gone out of style. Therefore, this acquisition will be relevant for many years to come.


  • Chic hats with wide brims are quite inconvenient during transportation, in order to preserve their integrity, it is advisable to purchase a special box.
  • Straw hats do not tolerate moisture well and require special care.
  • Straw hat or cotton photo
  • Summer hats made of linen and cotton


  • The fabric used for caps and hats is soft and hypoallergenic and can even be worn by babies.
  • Cotton does not retain moisture inside the fabric, which neutralizes unpleasant odor from sweat and ensures quick drying after washing.
  • The cotton panama can easily fit into luggage of any size, and its shape can be restored with a regular iron.


  • The pigment on cotton fabrics fade quickly enough in the sun, from which the productslose their attractive appearance.
  • Rare models of cotton hats look really chic.

The online store is a great opportunity to choose from a large number of high-quality and stylish hats. The summer collection section presents a chic assortment of different styles, colors and models so that you can enjoy the warm and sunny summer.

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