Top Nine Deck Color Ideas

Top Nine Deck Color Ideas

Every homeowner tends to renovate or construct deck every summer. This is why contractors, interior designers and other relevant professionals get hundreds of calls during this time of the year.

Deck renovation or construction can be a bit of an expense. Therefore, you would want to ensure that it is done in the most aesthetic manner. Having said that, it is important to note that all decks are normally about color. Using some standard colors along with a flavour of personalization can give it an ideal look.

Best Deck Color Ideas:

  1. Contemporary look

deck color ideas

Contemporary look has always been on the top in the industry. Decks which feature contemporary appearance normally come in gray shades and tones. The overall design theme can be given a welcoming look with different colors belong to the family of gray. Apart from the aesthetics, it even comes with other multiple benefits. This includes reduced levels of heat retention. Further, you can decorate the surrounding elements in a more versatile manner. The contemporary gray shades help to keep the options wide. The way in which the furniture can be chosen will be much easier.

  1. Go for mix and match

Mix and match is now the new trend in the market. If you are one of those homeowners who want to add elements of adventure and aesthetics at the same time, then mix and match can be chosen. Different deck colors can be selected to create a mix and match appeal. However, if you want to give it a more personalized look, then those colors can be chosen which matches your style. From choosing cool hues to balancing it with warmer tones, there is a lot that can be experimented with.

  1. Bolder borders

If you want to create a look in which the backyard is prominently set apart, then bolder colors for borders can be chosen. This will create a visual interest in the viewers. The deck boards can be of a different color, however, the borders can be given a contrasting view. For example, traditional browns can be utilized for the deck and the borders can be given a bolder black touch. This will not only make it look more aesthetic but a more polished look can be given. The ultimate result is better aesthetic appeal for the decks.

  1. Exterior matching

This can be the most conventional way in which the deck color can be chosen. There are many colors to go for, however, the easiest way out is to match it with the existing exterior. This will not only ensure consistency but give the area an exclusive look. Further, one of the major reasons why home owners prefer matching the color of deck with the outdoor is that it ensures that the deck appears as a natural extension, rather than something which is completely out of place. Therefore, if you want to maintain an organic look in the house, then you can opt for exterior matching colors.

  1. Composite selections

Composite decking is trendy these days. One of the major reasons being that it is much durable compared to the conventional forms of wood. It does not only come with maximum durability but other benefits as well such as lower maintenance, retention of color, rotting resistance and affordability. Further, there are many options in terms of design and style when it comes to composite decking. Different decking materials can be chosen from. However, you must go with designs, colors and styles which remain consistent with the existing d├ęcor.

  1. Embossed decking

Embossed decking is a newer trend in the market. Different color ideas are available, however, embossing gives a completely unique appearance. The embossing process comes with different sorts of benefits such as its resistance to extreme weathers, waterproofing qualities, long life service and natural aesthetics. Embossing can be done in different color tones, shades and designs. This ensures that home owners can also go with their customized ideas. Most importantly, there are many services out there which will provide you with a catalog to choose from making it easier for the potential customers to make their purchases.

  1. Shades of blues and reds

Shades of blues and reds are the most popular when it comes to decking colors.

Blue belongs to the family of coastal colors. It normally comes in wide ranges of shades. However, blue granite is the most popular of all. It creates a soothing and calm them for the house. Richer tones in blue can be chosen as well which creates more of an energetic environment. It may make you feel as if you are sitting on the beach.

Reds have also been trendy since the past few years. One of the major reasons being that it brings in a sense of culture compared to other colors. There are many tones of reds that can be chosen. For example, brighter and more vibrant tones can be chosen. However, dull reds can be preferred as well in order to give your exterior a minimalist look.

The bottom line

Above are some of the major deck color ideas that can be chosen. However, you need to select those colors and themes which are consistent with your preferences. In fact, you can come up with your own personalized color themes to keep it more complimentary to your house exterior.

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