Discover These 9 Perfect Portable File Box For Your Storage Needs

Discover These 9 Perfect Portable File Box For Your Storage Needs

Offices have been used to using file cabinets that are too big but not ideal for small spaces. A small office space needs a lot of planning and some research to ensure that the furniture you buy will not eat a lot of space. If you’re dealing with a lot of paperwork, having a cabinet or boxes to store your stuff is necessary.

We don’t like working in cluttered spaces; thus, having a tidy room will become more productive and stress-free. Having a portable file box will help you organize your documents. The good thing about it is you can bring it wherever you go, especially if you need to transfer items.

1. Transparent Box Portable File Box

A transparent portable file box is an ideal way of tracking where various pieces are stored. And it’s clear, and you won’t go through the hassle of gathering and opening boxes again to locate what you’re looking for. This storage box is very sturdy as well as long-lasting for regular use. This is also water-proof as it is made from a plastic material.

2. JSungo Portable File Box

We’re sure you have already seen portable file boxes like this from Jungo. It’s a comfortable but stylish compact hanging file box. It’s also extensive and convenient to bring along because it has a convenient handle on each side. It has a contemporary design to the grey melange material.

3. Pendaflex File Box

Black is a classic shade that is sophisticated and stylish. Along with its slender design, this document organizer with just a latch lock is also an exceptional organizing tool. It’d be easy to find somewhere to put this under your table or in the cabinets! The constructed handle makes it easy and convenient to transfer from one spot to the other.

4. dbest products Quik Cart

Maybe you’re a businessperson who has a lot of paperwork to go along with regularly. In this case, a portable file box with wheels with a handle or grip is also a must item to have. This file box is not only extremely versatile, but it is highly resilient and has large storage. Its handle can also be removed for storage purposes if not in use.

5. Portable File Folder Storage Box

If you need a document organizer, we highly suggest this stylish option. This premium product will also look stunning on any work desk, owing to its embossed appearance and partially slanted edges. Its design demonstrates that a portable file box is not dull or too unattractive in your office space!

6. Vaultz VZ01187 File Tote

You could still keep intensely confidential documents secure even if you’re not using a lockable storage unit; instead, choose a portable file box with a lock. This product appears to be comparable to something like a cosmetics organizer at the first look, and there is more to that.

This Vaultz portable file box has two distinct number code locks, ensuring that one’s documents are always secure and safe. So, if you have a file that needs to be kept securely but portable, this one is ideal to use for your needs. It comes in a classic design that matches any office space’s aesthetics.

7. Simple Trending Desk Hanging File Box

This metal frame alternative, for instance, is a compact hanging file box that could be a piece of your work desk! It will not only be used to arrange the files, but it also has a drawer that can hold small objects like pens and notepads. This is an excellent alternative for those that want their files nearby without locking and unlock the file box each time they use it.

8. Pendaflex Portable File Box In Granite

Pendaflex’s combination is a pleasant change to the picture, as safety boxes occasionally come in adorable and playful shades. If you don’t like monochromatic hues, this pastel box may be what your office needs! We want how the grip and lock are dark green instead of just the standard black. Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too?

9. White Linen File Box

This creamy white alternative will immediately enhance your area, deviating from the assumption that portable file organizers should be in serious earth tones. Unless most office supplies are in light tones (for example, white desks and bookcases), they will undoubtedly blend perfectly.


A portable file box is a big help to those who have small office space. You can also use this at home and store important files for safekeeping. Just choose the file box that suits your space and needs.


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