Editing Guide: Unlocking PDF Files With PDFBear Easily

Editing Guide: Unlocking PDF Files With PDFBear Easily

A guarded feature of a Portable Document format or commonly known as PDF file, is sometimes irritating as it’s hard to edit or modify through it. As you continue to handle more PDF files, the level of issues and concerns also increases. But good thing, there is PDFBear to help you solve any problems and concerns with your documents.

There are several reasons why a person sets up a password for their document, especially today. The technology works are raging with boundless potential, and the result of using it without any knowledge or preparation can be difficult. Here are some directions to assist you with ease with your files using PDFBear’s tools and features.

What is PDFBear And What Can It Offer?

PDFBear is an online-based converter tool that can transform any document into various file formats of your choice. It offers a PDF to Word, HTML, PPT, Excel, JPG, PNG, and you can also work the other way around. It also provides a PDF Unlock tool, Splitting, Compressing, Merging, Repairing damaged files, and many more.

Anything that is a document related concern or issue, PDFBear is the best solution there is. And since it’s an online-based converter, there is no reason to download or install software programs or additional plug-ins. You can open any online browser of your choice, such as Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and the likes.

Using various operating systems is not a big deal either, whether you are utilizing a Mac, Windows, Androids, or even a Linux program. On top of that, using different devices doesn’t matter too, be it laptops, computers, tablets, or smart devices. You’ll have complete access as long as you have a stable, reliable internet connection. Everything is good to go.

Unlock Secured PDF Files

Even though putting up a password may be essential for some people on their files to secure all contents’ information, it can also be difficult sometimes. If you are confident that your document doesn’t carry any crucial and personal information that requires protection, you don’t need to put a password so you can save yourself time for typing the password again.

Now, if you find yourself wanting the option to remove your password, PDFBear is, of course, your best buddy for help. This particular tool is one of the most reliable and trusted features for password removal methods. You can have your desired file to be password-free within a matter of minutes—no need to wait that long as PDFBear works swiftly.

With just simple steps, you can convert your file easily. The first thing to do is click the “select files” option and upload your desired file to unlock, or you also have the opportunity to drag and drop the file into the toolbox for a much simpler technique. The second step is to type the current password of your document. 

After entering the password, press the “unlock PDF” tab, and PDFBear will immediately start the converting process. At this point, please wait for a few minutes as it’s still analyzing and converting your document before saving or downloading it into your device. Once you have saved the new file, you can also share or send it to your friends or colleagues.

Excellent Security Systems

It’s normal to be afraid and hesitant to use any online converter tools, but PDFBear is guaranteed safe and secured to use. It is not just any online converter site. It has an installation of an SSL connection, which stands for Secure Sockets Layer. This is a standard technology for building a web connection secured between two programs.

All of your information and confidential files are certified to be safeguarded. PDFBear being SSL encrypted prevents your files from malware, viruses, online thefts, hackers, and many more online malicious intent criminals that must be avoided. Being said that, you’ll have the peace of mind to sleep better at night knowing you are safe.

On top of that, this online converter has a 60-minute policy, which indicates that everything that has been processed, transmitted, and finished on their site will be deleted after 60 minutes. And the shareable link that you can send to your friends or colleagues will only be valid for 24hrs. 


PDFBear is perfect for paranoia and not that comfortable with putting much of their information and data online, especially when handling confidential files. PDFBear is an all-in-one converter tool that can make your workload or projects light and comfortable for just following simple steps. 


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