Eric Andre Net Worth

Eric Andre Net Worth

Eric Andre is one of the best comedians of current. He is essentially based in the USA. However, ┬áhis professional activities are not only restricted to the arena of comedy but he has also worked as a scriptwriter and a TV host. He has also featured in a number of small low budget movies such as ‘The Invention of Lying’.

He was born to a Jewish and American lady, Boca Raton. He was born in the year of 1983. He was graduated in the year 2001 in the city of Florida. He further pursued the study of music in Berklee College which is situated in Massachusetts.

His personal relationships are not much known to the media. This is due to his workaholic nature. He has kept much of his life private. However, as far as the media knows, he has dated three ladies in the past. His most recent relationship was in 2016 with a lady named Rosan Dawson.

Eric Andre Net Worth

Eric Andre Net Worth

Eric Andre net worth is something that a lot of people want to know about. As of 2021, his net worth is reported to be at $ 5 million. The majority of his money is made out of shows and films. Some his money was also generated from endorsement deals. In any case, his net worth is only growing with the passage of time. This is due to the quality of work he is constantly producing.

Source of Income

People are also interested in the source or sources of income of Eric Andre. It is true that millionaires do not have one source of income. They have multiple channels through which their income is flowing. The same is the case with Eric Andre. Following are some of the sources that you must know about:

  • Eric Andre always had a penchant for arts. Since the beginning of his personal, academic and professional career, he has had an inclination towards arts. He also enrolled in music and acting courses. His earliest source of income was arts and entertainment. His comical side was put to professional use when he first moved to New York right after graduation. He started to perform at nightclubs where stand-up comedies were a norm. He landed a variety of commercial gigs as well. There were several live events in which he worked as a corporate mascot. These were the sources of income in his beginning. It is important to note that during this time, he was building himself at a foundational level only to be one of the finest comedians of all time.
  • As soon as he moved to New York, he was not only looking out for comedy shows but other film and TV appearances. It took him around five years in New York to realize that it was not the starting city for him. He thereafter moved to the L.A. From 2009, he made film and TV appearances. He featured in a cameo appearance in a film called The Invention of Lying. He also appeared in episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm in 2009. Thereafter, he appeared on a number of the famous show such as Level Up and the Big Bang Theory. Finally, in the year of 2012, he debuted in The Eric Andre Show. This show proved to be highly successful which gave him various opportunities in the industry. This boosted his acting career in multiple ways. The first major role that he got in Doesn’t Trust the B. He further played a role in the third season of 2 Broke Girls. He also played his role in the famous FXX show called Man Seeking Woman. He has also featured himself on the big screens. This includes movies such as Flock of Dudes, The Internship and Rough Night. His voice has been lent to several animations. This includes one of the most successful animated movies of all times, The Lion King. In view thereof, it is a no brainer how Eric Andre has made his net worth. Although the figures that he would have made through these projects are not known to the public, these are definitely considerable enough to make him a millionaire.
  • One of his major sources of income is comedy. He was majorly influenced by the idea of Space Ghost Coast to Coast. This is an animated adult parody talk show. He then came up with a similar idea which then ultimately became the Eric Andre Show. He purchased a demo reel with the money that was saved from his commercial gigs and standup comedies. He also rented out an abandoned warehouse and began to film the show himself. However, when the shooting of this show concluded, he was not able to hire an editor. Therefore, he spent another year just teaching himself how to learn editing skills and software. Subsequently, he made 10 episodes for his first season. This show was eventually premiered in 2012 which was a low budget parody talk show. At the beginning of the show, impersonated celebrities were featured. However, as it grew, actual celebrities were then introduced such as Demi Lovato. The show eventually turned into one of the biggest successes of all time. The ratings got better. No one knows for sure how much money has the show made, however, each show now has a budget of approximately $3 million. Since the show is on air since 2012 and the budget is so high, it is clear Eric Andre is making a great deal of money out of it.

The bottom line

Eric Andre is a successful celebrity who has made a big name in the entertainment industry, especially in the comedy sector. Above is all you need to know about Eric Andre. Although there is much more you could know about this celebrity, this article will guide you in major aspects of his life, particularly his net worth and source of income. In any case, you may search out more regarding his personal, social and individual life.

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