Explore The Five Different Conversion Tools Of GoGoPDF

Explore The Five Different Conversion Tools Of GoGoPDF

Because of the high demand for electronic files, PDF format has become vital in the world of work these days. That’s why professionals created hundreds of websites online to help individuals process their documents to PDF format or edit their files according to their boss’s demand. One of the safe websites is the GooPDF.

GoGoPDF has twenty-six various tools that are relatable to the PDF format. The website is free to use for everyone, and it is accessible in all types of browsers and operating systems. This article will help you learn the basic steps of their tools and their primary function to your PDF document.

Convert Your Word To PDF

Word file is one of the most useful MS Office programs where all your documents are written in this electronic format. To protect your files from any alterations, you should always convert your file to PDF. With GoGoPDF, Word to PDF converter online makes it more manageable, accessible, and hassle-free. You just have to connect your computer to the internet.

Upload the Word file to the conversion box of GoGoPDF. Once uploaded, the GoGoPDF conversion tool will start processing the conversion of the file. The transformation of the file will take a few minutes, depending on the size of your document. When the notification is up that your file conversion is complete, you can freely download your new PDF format to your computer.

Convert Your Excel To PDF

Excel files are usually used by people who handle the company’s financial part or create the budget and other figures. Each digit written in the document is very vital and must never be altered. That’s why it is always necessary to convert your excel file to PDF before sending them to the web to keep all its content private and unaltered.

Through GoGoPDF, you can upload the excel format of the document to their conversion box, and then the website’s conversion tool will start scanning and process the document. Wait until the conversion is done; this may only take a few minutes. If everything is done and you have double-checked the PDF file, you can download it to your computer for free.

Convert Your PPT To PDF

For a faster way of sharing your business presentations to your clients or boss in the same high-quality way, you should convert your PowerPoint presentation to PDF. With the PPT to PDF tool, you can convert your files to PDF quickly and in a high-quality way.

Upload the PowerPoint presentation file to the conversion box of GoGoPDF; the website’s tool will start scanning your file’s pages and then start the process. Wait until the conversion process to PDF is done; once done, your new PDF file format will be available for download to your device, or you can use the link to share the file.

Convert Your JPG To PDF

To keep your photos in high-quality after sharing them, you can convert the images first into a PDF file before mailing it to your clients or recipients. With the JPG to PDF tool, you can save enough time because of its fast and reliable toolbox. Upload all the JPG files you want to convert into a PDF file.

Select any output format of your choice and click the button for the GoGoPDF will start converting your JPGs into one file. If the process is complete, you can download the file to your computer or share it with friends using the link.

Convert Your HTML To PDF

The convert to PDF, HTM to PDF tool is a handy tool, especially if you want to share your web page with your recipients. With this tool, you can convert your web page to a document for free and an easy way. Select and copy the URL or HTML from the page and paste it to the conversion box of GoGoPDF.

After the link is uploaded, the GoGoPDF will transform your link into a PDF file; you just have to wait until the process is complete. If finished, you can freely download the file to your computer or share the document using the link provided by GoGoPDF.


The five conversion tools mentioned above are among the most used tools for people who work every day with MS Office documents. GoGoPDF is equipped with all five tools that can help you convert files to PDF in an easy and fast way. Each conversion tool has its purpose and function in any kind of PDF file.

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