How to Load Grease Gun?

How to Load Grease Gun?

Grease gun is one of the most important tools owned and used by garages and machine shops. It can enable the garage owners to apply lubricant on the components pertaining to different machines, particularly automobile. Application of lubrication increases the lifespan and durability of such machines.

However, using a grease gun can sometimes be a technical and complex task. Loading and re-loading it can be a grubby task. Having said that, please note the task becomes easier if proper instructions are followed and you know how to load a grease gun properly.

There are essentially two types of grease guns – with a cartridge and without a cartridge. This article will serve as a guide on how to load a grease gun of both types and other important details pertaining to the same.

How to Load a Grease Gun?

Cartridge grease gun

  1. Unscrew cap of cartridge
  2. Pull the mental handle out
  3. Remove the cartridge
  4. Insertion of new cartridge
  5. Attach the gun cap

Non Cartridge Grease Gun

  1. Disconnect the gun head and barrel
  2. Insert distal end in the grease holder
  3. Remove the barrel
  4. Attach the barrel to grease gun’s head
  5. Check it out

Cartridge Grease Gun

Unscrew Cap of Cartridge

Cartridge loaders are made up of two parts – the cartridge and the dispenser. In order to remove the cartridge, you first need to significantly loosen the cartridge and at simultaneously rotate the dispenser nozzle. If the cartridge is capped tightly, then you may use a lubricant to make the process smoother.

Pull the Metal Handle Out

There is a plunger in the barrel’s rear-end. A plunger can be notice when the cartridge is going through it. You need to pull it out till the plunger rod is completely unattached with the barrel.

Remove the Cartridge

The next step is cartridge removal. Before loading new grease, the older grease needs to be removed. The piston rod is to be placed correctly which will therefore lock it. Then you can move out the older cartridge.

Insertion of New Cartridge

Insertion of new cartridge is the next step. Cartridges come in different sizes. You should clean the gun properly before complying with this step. Ensure that the right type of cartridge is used which is completely compatible with the gun.

It is essential that the older grease is cleaned properly with a cloth. Once this is done, the new cartridge must be unlocked from one end. Thereafter, place it through inside.

Attach the Gun Cap

This is the final step to follow. The barrel must be attached again with the gun’s cap. It must be screwed properly to avoid any problems later. The screw must be turned counterclockwise. The piston rod must be set free. All the trapped air must be removed by pushing the handle.

Once these steps are followed, you can easily test the grease gun by doing some lubrication. Make sure there is enough lubricant being delivered from the nozzle. This is an indication that all the processes are followed properly.

Non cartridge grease gun

Disconnect the Head Gun and Barrel

It is also essential to know how to load a grease gun without a cartridge. The first step is to unscrew the head of the gun from the cap. The applicator tube and the handle are fixed together. These pieces need to be separated. Once the head gun is disconnected from the barrel, you will have to follow further steps.

Insert the More Distant End in the Grease Holder

In order to fill the barrel, you have to hold it and push the more distant end of the barrel. This is to be done inside the grease holder. The holder will be filled with grease. While doing the same, you should pull back the plunger rod gradually. This will load the reservoir and all the grease will be drawn back again into the barrel. In this context, it is advisable to get your hands on larger containers of grease.

Remove the Barrel

The barrel must be taken off from the container of the grease. This is to be done when the plunger rod is entirely taken out. The barrel must be rotated if any grease is still held to the barrel. A cloth (which is dust free) must be utilized to clean all the excessive grease which is accumulated at the end of barrel.

Attach the Barrel to Grease Gun’s Head

Each grease gun has a different mechanism when it comes to its operations. Therefore, it is important to know how they operate. The final step is to attach the barrel again to the head of the grease gun.

Check it out

After all the parts are loaded and reattached, you can simply check out the gun. It is time to check whether the grease gun is working properly or not. The piston rod’s handle must be pressured until the grease is coming out of the applicator tube. All the excess grease which has come out may be cleaned using a dust-free cloth.

What are the Tips to Use a Grease Gun?

Grease Gun

Grease guns are often associated with problems. There may be multiple reasons for that. One of them is that it is not used in the right manner. Therefore, it is imperative that you go through some tips to ensure proper usage. Following are some of the tips to consider:

  • The component or fitting which is being greased must be completely clean. This is something that a lot of users tend to overlook. This is essential to evaluate the amount of grease which may be used. If the surface is not clean, it may cause further issues.
  • The component which is being greased must be double checked. If such a component is damaged, old (and needs repair), or rusty, then it may cause problems later. The component must be inspected thoroughly to property apply grease using a grease gun.
  • Cleaning the gun once it has been used is one of the best tips on not only on using butt also on how to load a mini grease gun. If the grease gun is not kept clean, it can create problems.
  • The barrel is not supposed to be tightened too much. This can easily result into a major pressure failure. This means that you will not be able to use the grease gun again anymore.
  • One of the most undermined tips is to not mix different kinds of greases together. Make sure the barrel is refilled only once it is completely empty. If these two types of grease do not blend well, it means that you have wasted both the kinds. Therefore, whenever using a grease gun, make sure that different kinds of greases are never mixed together.

What are the Benefits of Using a Grease Gun?

A grease gun is a highly used tool in a number of industries. This includes the plumbing and construction industry. However, such a tool can also be used by individual homeowners to get a number of tasks done. It essentially provides you with an automatic form of lubrication. Thus, here are some of the major benefits of using a grease gun.

  • Using a grease gun to apply the right amount of lubrication will help to extend the lifespan of the equipment on which grease gun is being used. Lubrication helps in creating a layer between two moving components in order to avoid such parts wearing. It reduces contact between the said components which ultimately helps in enhancing the durability.
  • Applying lubricants manually means that you are more likely to use higher quantities of such lubricant. This can be a waste of money. Therefore, grease guns can be used in order to consume lesser amounts of lubricant. It will not only help in saving costs but ultimately contributes positively to protection of our surroundings.
  • If grease guns are used for lubrication, it helps in the reduction of maintenance prices. Manual lubrication means calling additional labour. On the other hand, if the grease gun is used, there will be no need to call such professionals. The work can be done on your own, helping to save greater costs.
  • Lubrication via grease guns means that you do not need to shut down the machines while lubrication is being done. Machine downtime is reduced significantly. This can be a major benefit of industries which are operating on a massive scale.
  • Grease guns have versatile usage. It can be used by multiple professionals for different functions. Given its demand, now we have better quality grease guns which come with distinct features enhancing its functionality.

The bottom line

Above is all that you need to know about using a grease gun. However, it is important that the right grease gun is chosen. Do some research before purchasing it. Take into account several factors such as price, brand, type and customer feedback. Making a well-informed decision means that you will get the right product in your hand.

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