Niseko Season 3- Release Date, Caste and Story Touchup

Niseko Season 3- Release Date, Caste and Story Touchup

The Anime industry is growing at a rapid pace. This is due to the high quality of Animes which are being produced recently. This has resulted in growth in demand and therefore, the industry is significantly expanding.

Niseko is one of the Animes which have made a big name in recent years. It is an ultimate combination of romance along a touch of comedy. It is a Japanese comedy and romantic television series which have left the fans with a happy and light heart. It is essentially based on the shonen manga series. It is produced and created by Naoshi Komi.

On  7 November 2011, the manga series of this Anime was published. It had an incredible review. Most of the manga readers loved this series. Therefore, due to the popularity the manga got, an anime television series was launched. Season 1 of Niseko was premiered in January of 2014. Given that the first season was highly loved by the viewers, the producers decided to create another season. Season 2 was subsequently launched in the April of 2015.

Since the launch of season 2, fans of Niseko are waiting for the launch of the third season. This article will essentially guide you over the different things that you need to know about Niseko Season 3.

Niseko Season 3 Release Date


Niseko season 2 has got highly positive responses from the audience. The anime lovers now definitely want a new season.

Niseko season 3 is one of the most anticipated seasons that a lot of anime fans are looking forward to. This is why most people want to know about the release date of this anime. It is considerably speculated that season 3 might be launched in mid of 2021. However, it is pertinent to note here that there is no official confirmation by the producers that the new season will be launched in 2021. Official confirmation is expected soon in the next few months.

Niseko Season 3 Cast

It is expected that Niseko Season 3 will have the same cast as the earlier seasons. You can watch earlier episodes of this Anime on different streaming platforms to get an idea about the cast.

Nevertheless, here is a brief description of some of the main characters and cast to know about:

  • Raku Ichijou is a simple character in his teens who is the son of one of the biggest gangsters in the town. He had made a promise to a girl that he will marry her. The playback voice of this character is done by Koki.
  • One of the closest friends Raku is Kosaki. Her personality traits are that she is shy. She also has some feelings for Raku. When Raku hangs out with other girls, she feels jealous. However, she never expresses her feelings to Raku. The voice of Kosaki in this Anime is played by Kana.
  • One of the beautiful characters in this Anime is Chitoge Kirisaki. However, she has a very aggressive personality, which further makes the character more interesting. Throughout the Anime, you can easily feel and sense the aggressiveness. She is also the daughter of a gangster. Noa Toyama is the voice of this character in the Anime.

Niseko Season 3 Story Touchup


Niseko Season 3 Cast

This Anime has one of the most interesting and exciting storylines. Essentially, the story of this series surrounds the development of two characters – Raku and Chitoge. The previous seasons have manifested and demonstrated an intricate love story between these two characters. However, the love story is not as straight as it seems. There are multiple ups and downs. The entire story has many turns and twists which creates a beautiful and exciting story. It has ultimately created inquisitiveness within the viewers and audience.

The plot of the earlier season begins with the introduction of Raku. Raku is born to Yakuza. Yakuza is a very popular gangster who further operates under the leadership of Shuei. Raku is a very honest and modest man who is also known for his simplicity. However, he has a problem with stammering.

Chitoge is another important character who is the daughter of gangster Beehive. He is a gangster and interestingly, the leader of the rival organization. This created many rifts within the two families.

Raku met Chitoge in the school where he became best friends with her. Gradually, he got to know that she is the daughter of a leader of a rival gang. Despite such, he promises to marry her. At the time of separation, he gave her a locket and keys.

These Anime series have one of the best climaxes of all time. In the conclusion of this Anime, the two main characters get married. Surprisingly, both gangs become friends as well. This results in the maintenance of peace in the city.

This is essentially a summary of the earlier seasons. As far as the story touchup of season 3 is confirmed, there is no official news. There are no reports as well which state about the plot of season 3. However, given the reputation of the producers, it is given that the story will be slightly different from what was produced in the past season. It is even reported that a different plot will be followed. Nevertheless, the said plot will be consistent with the earlier plots.

Furthermore, there are no official trailers launched for this series. It is likely that an interesting and exciting trailer will be launched by the producers shortly.

The bottom line

Above is all that you need to know about Niseko Season 3. However, you will only understand this Anime if you actually watch it. Fortunately, the earlier seasons had very positive reviews. The IMDB rating was 7.2 for this series. It is reported that Season 3 of this Anime will maintain, or even get a better higher rating.

In any case, make sure you watch this season. Although the release date is not officially released, the viewers are pretty much excited to enjoy season 3 of this Anime.

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