Rolex Oyster Perpetual Watches You Can Give to the Woman of Your Life

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Watches You Can Give to the Woman of Your Life

A luxury watch is almost one of the most written items in wish lists, especially for girls. Rightfully so, the watch has a dual function that not every item has. Besides the fact that you can use it to tell time, it is also a great piece to spice up your looks. If you doubt what to give your girlfriend, wife, mother, or sister, then watch could be the perfect answer.

Is it even a watch talk if we do not mention the most iconic brand of all time? Of course, it isn’t. Rolex is almost inseparable from the word watch. Today, we will be diving into one of their admired collections. We will be recommending four pieces from the collection which can be a good fit for what you are envisioning to give to the beloved woman of your life.

The Origin of the Oyster Perpetual

The classic and universal style of Oyster Perpetual has something to do with the fact that it is one of the original designs of the brand. Hence, it is considered a legendary collection sought after by fashion enthusiasts even years after its release. Hans Wilsdorf crafted its name to echo how the oyster shell protects its pearls, its durability as the central feature.

Among its pioneering features, aside from the fact that it has unmatched resilience, is its self-winding movement that uses the wearer’s wrist energy. Who would have known that you can have the features of a sportier watch in a dresser watch? That once impossible notion was made possible by the Oyster Perpetual collection.

Oyster Perpetual Date 34 Stainless Steel Fluted / Oyster / White 115234-WSO

Silver on silver is one of the prettiest forms a watch could ever take, and this model proves that. This all silver beauty has a 34mm round case made out of White Rolesor, a combination of Oyster Steel, and an 18ct white gold. It has a scratch-resistant, cyclops lens over the date crystal and a closed back. To complete the look is the oyster steel band.

The analog white silver dial is decorated with stick and dots indexes and hands. This perpetual, mechanical, and self-winding model is operated by Rolex manufactured Calibre 3135. it has 31 jewels and an approximately 48 hours reserve. As if there is not enough feature, this watch is also water-resistant and can withstand up to 100m deep underwater.

Oyster Perpetual Date 34 Stainless Steel Domed/Oyster/Pink 115200-0005

Pink is one of the closest colors to a woman’s heart. If you could combine this pretty shade with an accessory, then that would be this model perfect to steal anyone’s heart. The 34mm round case of this beauty is in oyster steel material. It has a scratch-proof, cyclops lens over the date crystal and a closed back. Its band is also in the same oyster steel material.

The analog type dial comes in a pretty pink color with a sunburst finish. It has sticks and dots for indexes and hands. As for its movement, this perpetual, mechanical, self-winding model is powered by Calibre 3135 with 31 jewels, 48-hour reserve, 28800 BPH, and an additional chronometer. Furthermore, it is water-resistant for up to 100m underwater.

Oyster Perpetual 31 Silver Explorer 177200-0009

Who would have thought elegance and cuteness can go in the same line? This model precisely embodies that vibe. It has an oyster steel round case measuring 31mm in diameter. It has a scratch-proof sapphire crystal and a closed back. To tie it all together is the band that is the same oyster steel material with the case.

The Analog type dial is in silver color. Its indexes are a mix of numbers and sticks, with the latter colored with a pretty pink color. Like almost all the models from this collection, this is a perpetual, mechanical, and self-winding type operated by Calibre 2231. It has 31 jewels, a 48-hour reserve, 28800 BPH, an additional chronograph, and a 100m water-resistance feature.

Oyster Perpetual 26 Steel Automatic Green Dial Ladies Watch 176200-0014

Green is the color of tranquility. Just like the shades of leaves in nature, it is refreshing. The vibrant color of green is showcased by this model. It has a round case made out of Stainless steel measuring 26mm in diameter. It has a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal and a solid back. Its band is the same material as its case; stainless steel.

Its dial colored in deep green is the star of the show. To balance the aesthetics is the silver indexes and hands matching the silver stainless steel exterior. This model is an automatic type operated by Rolex Calibre 2230 and has a 42-hour reserve. On top of all those features is its water-resistance. It can perfectly work even 100m deep underwater.


When giving gifts, you must ensure the receiver can make good use out of them. Aside from the fact that it can make them happy, it can also make them feel that you went out of your way to produce a well-thought presence. With its elegance and unmatched quality, Rolex Oyster Perpetual will always be in your aid to impress that woman in your life.

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