Everything You Need to Know About Sandi Graham

Everything You Need to Know About Sandi Graham

Sandi Graham is the mother of one of the most popular celebrities of all time – Drake. Born on the twenty-eighth (28th) day of January in 1960, she has increasing popularity in recent times. A lot of people only know about her through her son.

Drake is one of the most popular singers, more particularly, a rapper. In fact, he has revolutionized the music industry in multiple ways. Beginning his career as a major entertainer, he has made his name in a remarkable manner. The reason why Drake is a big name today in the entertainment industry is due to the prominence of parents in his life. Sandi ensured that Drake always worked on his creativity in order to become a popular celebrity.

Sandi Graham is a divorcee who got separated from her husband when Drake was only five (5) years old. This article will serve you about the lifestyle and everything you need to know about Sandi Graham.

Sandi Graham Net Worth

Sandi Graham Net Worth

Sandi Graham is huge in the entertainment industry by the virtue of her son, Drake. Although Sandi Graham has made some name on her own, she is predominantly known for the works of her son. She has a staggering network of an approximate of $140 million. This is because her son has shared his net worth. A phenomenal amount of money has been created by Drake. There is a wide range of albums which have hit millions, if not billions of views. For instance, Once Dance, Hotline Bling and God’s Plan have made a great deal of money in the entertainment industry.

Provided that the relationship of Sandi Graham is very close to Drake, they are sharing the net worth. Sandi had to go through a lot of hardships after separating from her husband. Drake was raised in accordance with the customs and belief Sandi believed in. Provided their relationship is an ideal one, Drake has also dedicated a number of songs to Sandi only. There are many awards dedicated to her as well.

In view of the foregoing, it makes complete sense for Drake to share his net worth with her.

Sandi Graham Family Members

Sandi Graham Family

As mentioned above, Sandi Graham’s most popular family member is her son, Drake. They have a very healthy connection, which makes them stand out in the industry. Drake has also dedicated a song called You and the 6 to his mother.

Another major important part of her life was her husband, Dennis Graham. However, as mentioned above, they are divorced now. Dennis Graham was born in 1954. Her husband also belonged to a successful musical family. Dennis’s uncle was a very successful music producer working with big names of the industry at that time.

It has been in the news a lot of times about Drake’s relationship with his father. In fact, Drake has said that he has learnt a number of things from his father. This includes how to treat women with dignity. Drake has also learnt a lot about music from his father’s family. One of the reasons he is so successful today is the easy access he got to the musical industry.

There are rumours in relation to the bad relationship between Sandi, Dennis and Drake. However, even though the couple has been divorced, the relationship between them and with their son has been pleasant throughout the time.

Sandi Graham Affairs

At this point in time, there have been no news reports or articles on the Internet, or in media about the affairs of Sandi Graham. The only affair she had with was her husband, Dennis Graham, with whom she got divorced later.

Sandi Graham Careers

Although Sandi Graham is majorly known for her son, she has been working in different industries for a long time. Teaching was her major profession, which she was inherently interested in. However, she was not only in the teaching industry for so long. She also worked as a florist, pursuing her passion for flowers. She was a perfectionist. Therefore, she also made a good name in the teaching industry. Also as a florist, whatever she did, was done with immense perfection. Nevertheless, she has always been an individual who is not much in the media. Accordingly, there is not much information about her professional career and preferences.

More Information about Sandi Graham

As mentioned above, Sandi Graham has always been under the cover. Due to the secretive personality, there is not much in the open about her. However, her relationship with Drake is the most popular thing all people are aware of.

After her divorce, Sandi had gone through a number of problems. However, at this time, Drake was trying to support her in any manner possible. During Drake’s childhood, Sandi sent her to a school where most of the families were much richer than them. This worked out as a major benefit to the family. This enabled Drake to get a role in the famous teen dramas of that time, which worked as a kick start to his career.

Due to the support that Drake has got from his mother throughout his career, he is keen on including his experiences in his musical pieces. This is reflective of the amazing relationship he has with his mother. Nevertheless, it was revealed at some point in time in 2015 that due to him being busy with his professional career, he was not able to give enough time to Sandi. His success acted as a barrier to his professional success. Nevertheless, he still managed to keep the relationship intact with Sandi.


Above is some of the major important stuff that you need to know about Sandi Graham. However, this is not a comprehensive biography. There is a lot that the media does not know about. Therefore, there is a lot that can only be known after meeting such personalities in person. Nevertheless, due to her son being so popular in the media, there is a sufficient amount of information that we know about famous Sandi Graham.

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