Sample essays for student and children – Save the Environment

Sample essays for student and children – Save the Environment

The mantra of ‘Save Environment’ is the dire need to today. Given that the environment is being damaged in different ways such as carbon emissions, excessive litter and the increasing deforestation, it is imperative that individuals, especially the upcoming generation work towards saving the environment.

Provided the importance of such, children, and students, in particular, are from the very beginning trained to write an essay on the said topic. This article will provide you with different standards of Save Environment Essay which can be consulted to be more familiar with the topic.

Short Save Environment Essay – For Children


Earth constitutes the different beautiful elements. This includes the hills, mountains, oceans, forests and all the flora and fauna. However, due to the increase in urbanization with the passage of time, the environment is being degraded. Such degradation has resulted in the poor quality of air and water. It has even in fact deteriorated the quality of food we consume.

Therefore, it is of paramount importance that saving the environment is prioritized by every individual. In fact, we should consider it our duty and responsibility. If we want to ensure that the earth remains a sustainable place to live for the upcoming generations, then it is necessary to take action.

How to save it?

There are multiple ways in which we can save the environment. Each individual can play a minor, yet very important role in saving the earth. Actions such as simply recycling paper, decreasing the deforestation, planting more trees and generating awareness amongst the citizens, can make a major difference. Moreover, campaigning can be done by the youth in order to spread the message more effectively amongst people. Energy consumption must be reduced in order to put fewer burdens on natural resources. Such actions can create a gradual and effective result which can be an advantage for the generations to come.


Saving the environment is need to the hour. It might get too late if the action is not taken now. Therefore, people of all ages must take this issue seriously and try their best to bring a major change.

Save Environment Essay – For Primary School Students


The surroundings in which we grow and live is termed as the environment. It includes different elements such as the soil, air, water, plants, animals and also the human beings itself.

It is now scientifically proven that how the environment can have a major impact on your health. Therefore, living in a clean environment can result in healthy mental health. However, deteriorated environments can be detrimental to our health. Accordingly, it is more than important for humans to realize that environment must be preserved, sustained and kept clean for a healthier lifestyle.

Why is environment degraded?

However, it is relevant to get into the reasons why the environment is being degraded in this era of urbanization. The first and most prominent reason is that governments all across the globe are cutting down trees and forests to establish roads, buildings and other urban elements at an increasingly high level. In the process of urbanization, the natural habitats for plants and animals are being destroyed. Further, in light of the industrial revolution, society has evolved into a much consumer-oriented one. This has caused massive depletion of the natural resources that we possess. As a result of urbanization and consumerism, pollution has been increased on a massive scale. Factories and cars emit dangerous gases which are not only harmful to plants and animals but humans as well. The litter is often dumped into the rivers and seas which make it difficult for the aquatic animals to survive.

How to save it?

The increasing pollution and environmental degradation is a cause of concern for the entire globe at this moment. In view thereof, we should save the environment by performing certain measures. One of the biggest steps that can be taken in order to ensure environmental sustainability is recycling different materials. This includes paper, plastic and even metal. Cardboard items must be recycled and used again in order to avoid a potential burden on creating new things. Moreover, wood can be recycled as well.

Usage of natural resources must be limited to reduce the rate of depletion. Use of petroleum and gas must be minimized. Given that coal is used to produce electricity, it is advisable to not waste the same. Keeping such in mind, industries have now come up with cleaner production of electricity whereby renewable sources such as solar energy and hydro-power energy is used for the production of electricity. This majorly contributes in keeping the environment cleaner and greener.

Perhaps, the most effective way to keep the environment clean and ensure its safety is to plant as many trees as possible. Every individual should at least plant one tree to contribute in the purpose. Moreover, governments are also launching different ‘growing tree’ campaigns for effective results.


The saving environment can be important. It will not only benefit the present generation but the future one as well. To ensure the survival of the future, it is indispensable to take these actions.

Save Environment Essay – For Secondary School Students


Imagine human beings were the only creatures on the face of this earth. There was no such thing as plants or animals. This would only result in a major disaster. Science is of the view that humans cannot survive in isolation. Presence of plants and animals ensure that humans can survive. For example, plants ensure that humans have enough oxygen to breath and animals ensure that there is enough food to eat. Soli ensures that the nutrients, which are essential for human functioning, are there.

The ecosystem is important for human survival. However, certain previous events have changed the way humans live now. Humans now have an increasing tendency towards urbanization and globalization. This has resulted into the consumption of more natural resources and therefore, harming the environment at a massive scale.

How to save it?

The natural question that follows is –how to save the environment? It is imperative for humans to realize that taking steps towards saving the environment is essential for the good of humanity. Further, it is essential for the upcoming generations.

There are many critical steps that can be taken in order to save the environment. Although, these can only have gradual results, but will secure a sustainable living ahead. The first and most important step is to decrease the process of deforestation. Deforestation is the process of cutting forests for different purposes. Wood is in high demand by a number of industries. To meet such demands, the deforestation is increased. Therefore, excessive consumption of wood shall be minimized.

Further, contamination of the environment shall be put to an end. Growing industrialization has resulted into contaminating the air, soil and water at an ever-increasing level. This has directly contributed to the global warming processes. It is imperative to ensure that such actions are dramatically reduced. Waste disposal management shall be organized accordingly.

The role of government

It is not only about us individuals but also the collective efforts made by governments all across the globe. The governments should, and in fact, are taking major steps to save the environment. For example, strict laws and regulations are now in place to ensure that natural habitats of plants and animals are not interfered with. Moreover, widespread campaigning is being done in order to create a sense of awareness amongst individuals about the detrimental impacts of global warming.

Governments must take measures and establish avenues in order to promote the use of renewable energy. Renewable sources must be used for the production of electricity in order to decrease carbon emissions. Further, the production of vehicles must be done in a way to ensure that the produced vehicles do not emit carbon and other global warming gases. Severe littering laws and regulations must be in place in order to deter pollution.

Further, the government has a major role in providing incentives to different corporate and associations for promoting the mantra of ‘save environment’. There are many ways in which this can be done. Companies can be given special tax exemptions if they focus on greener practices while conducting their businesses.


There is a lot to save the environment. However, it needs to be done in a consistent manner. Above are some of the practices that can be followed by individuals, government and corporate structures to ensure a sustainable future.

These steps are to ensure that the rising levels of global warming are curbed. It will enable animals and plants to live in a more tolerable environment. Conclusively, it will even enable humans to spend not only a healthier life but a more beautiful one as well.

The bottom line

Above are some of the major essays that can be used as templates for those who want to know or write on the subject of saving the environment. However, it is essential for writing enthusiasts to be more creative in their approach. This can be done in multiple ways. Research is important in order to understand the details of the subject. Furthermore, writers must develop their own unique writing style once they get a hang of the basic grammatical structure, vocabulary and the basics of writing.

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