Simple Outdoor Storage Ideas To Organize Your Kids’ Toys

Simple Outdoor Storage Ideas To Organize Your Kids’ Toys

Everyone who’s currently dealing with kids knows how much of a hassle to keep their toys in their proper place. Nothing annoys us more than the sight of toys lying around the floor! Moreover, it can present hazards as you or your kids might accidentally step on it. Interestingly, we’ve rounded up a list of toy storage ideas that can help you organize your kids’ toys easily!

Clutter certainly isn’t something that you’ll see only inside your house. One truth about kids is that they are fond of playing around the entire house, whether it’s indoors or outdoors. Interestingly, our storage ideas can also serve as outdoor storage solutions! Therefore, you’ll be able to store your kids’ toys while being able to keep your outdoor space organized at the same time.

Use Plastic Storage Boxes

It’s always nice to start our list with a simple storage solution that you can place in your outdoor space. It doesn’t get simpler with plastic storage boxes as it gets the job done quickly!

Plastic boxes are often a great outdoor storage alternative, as they are effortless to handle and waterproof at the same time. They even come in different sizes, so you can pick the plastic outdoor storage box that fits in your outdoor space!

These types of storage boxes are the most efficient option for storing your kids’ toys and keeping your outdoor space organized at the same time!

Install Outdoor Storage Organizer Bins

It’s no secret that kids often create a mess, no matter where they go. It’s also physically impossible and inefficient if you run after them to clean their mess up after they finish playing. In turn, you can install an outdoor storage organizer bin, and it should help remind or teach your kids where to put their toys after they’ve finished playing with them.

You can either create or purchase an outdoor storage organizer bin for your kids. If you decide to buy one, it’s ideal to select the one that often has appealing colors. Colorful storage organizer bins can certainly stimulate them, and it’d be pretty easy to associate colors with putting their toys back in their proper place!

Outdoor storage organizer bins can keep your kids’ toys organized while keeping the toys within reach. It also offers many tiny compartments that your kids can use if they ever find themselves grouping their toys together. This outdoor storage solution is one that you can anchor to the wall, and it makes it easy for your kids to put their toys back in their proper place.

Utilize An Outdoor Storage Bench

Finding the right spot to store your kids’ toys is never easy. But it’ll be such a wonderful thing if you can add grace to your house and outdoor space as well. You can simply add a simple outdoor bench that can serve as a storage deck box. The beauty of this storage solution is that you can either purchase or make one yourself!

If you decide to purchase one, Keter Eden has a storage bench that can hold up to 70 gallons! You’d be able to easily check off functionality and style as the Keter Eden storage bench comes with an elegant wood finish! Of course, it doesn’t hurt that it comes with ample storage space that would be perfect for hiding away your kids’ toys and other stuff!

Outdoor storage benches bring a ton of functionality to your gardens, patios, or any other outdoor space you decide to place in. It makes it very easy to declutter, and it easily takes care of the aesthetic of your outdoor space!

Make Use Of Wall Baskets

It’s no secret that wall baskets make it easier for you and your kids to declutter. It doesn’t take a ton of willpower to just throw any toys back into a wall basket that’s visibly seen! In turn, you can mount wall baskets anywhere in your outdoor space. Think of it as shooting your way into decluttering!

When it comes to aesthetics, wall baskets don’t look entirely bad. Sure, it’s the easiest storage solution to add to your outdoor space. But it surely won’t throw the aesthetics of your outdoor space! It checks functionality, aesthetics, and you can get it for a great price!


An essential aspect to think about when adding outdoor storage is to pick one that fits your outdoor area. You certainly wouldn’t want to get one that throws off the aesthetics of your outdoor space! You most certainly don’t want one that takes up a lot of space! Pick the best outdoor storage space with the variant you prefer and decluttering your outdoor space would be entirely easy!

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