Solving Tax Problems Using a Tax Lawyer

Solving Tax Problems Using a Tax Lawyer

Even before the tax audit, immediately after receiving a written notice from the tax authority, it is necessary to start preparing for the arrival of the tax inspector.

In the course of a documentary audit, the   tax authority forms an evidentiary base, which can later be used against you and it is now necessary to develop protection tactics in advance.

The best solution to this issue would be to hire an experienced specialist to accompany the inspection of your enterprise. Please check out Tax attorney VA if you want to get legal advise from experienced tax attorneys.

We advise on any issues related to taxation, the rights and obligations of the tax service, the norms of the Tax Code. We provide samples of various complaints, statements, petitions, claims and other procedural documents. Below we have mentioned our wide range of services and we hope you will be able to understand how we can actually help you.


  • Preparation and submission to the tax authority of a complaint against an inspection report
  • Preparation and filing of a complaint
  • Preparation and filing of a statement of claim (within 3 years from the delivery of the act)
  • Preparation and filing of an appeal
  • Preparation and filing of a cassation appeal
  • Submission of documents to the SFS authorities or the court
  • Participation of a lawyer (lawyer) in a court session
  • Oral consultation on tax disputes

The main directions for the provision of services in support of tax audits:

  • Legal advice on the procedure for conducting a tax audit
  • Advising and instructing company employees on behavior and actions during a tax audit
  • Presence of a specialist and legal support during a tax survey
  • Analysis of the legality, legality and validity of the requirements for the provision of documents relating to the economic activities of the enterprise by the tax officials during a tax survey
  • Interaction with tax authorities conducting tax audits to promptly resolve problem situations
  • Investigations of disobeying revealed during the tax audit, arrangements of complaints to the tax audit act
  • Preparation of explanations based on the results of a tax survey and paperwork in the course of a tax examine
  • Pre-trial request or hearing in opposite to unethical acts of tax payers and the results of a tax examine
  • Protection and representation of interests in court
  • Development and preparation of recommendations for optimization of tax and accounting

The most common disputes in which our lawyers are involved are doing business with fictitious firms, fictitious and unmarketable transactions, disagreements with the tax inspectorate’s database based on the results of an automated comparison of tax liabilities and tax credit in the context of the client’s counterparties, appealing unlawful financial sanctions and fines, collection budgetary VAT refund.

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