Everything you Need to Know About Stardew Valley Sandfish

Everything you Need to Know About Stardew Valley Sandfish

Stardew Valley is a farm simulation role-playing game or as it is called RPG just like Harvest moon. In this game, players will grow their farms, travel around the world and become a part of the Pelican town community. The ultimate goal of Stardew valley is to become the best farmer the Pelican town has ever seen.

At first, Stardew valley looks pretty simple because of its low pixel style and cheery soundtrack. However, you will start realizing that there is more to this game than meets the eye, as you start spending some hours into it. There are a lot of activities you can do in this game. Although, not all of these activities are worth your time, especially when you are trying to build the best farm, the town has ever seen.

This game is not all about farming. You need to spend a little bit of your time fishing too. Fishing is one the best ways in Stardew valley if you want to make enough money. However, you will need some knowledge of different fishes and where to find them before you start fishing in this game.

Stardew Valley has a lot of lakes, ponds and seas, and there is plenty of fish in it. One such fish is the Stardew Valley Sandfish. It is a bit hard to catch the Sandfish because of its rarity. Therefore, here is everything you need to know about Stardew valley sandfish.

Location to find Stardew Valley Sandfish

Stardew Valley

The Stardew valley sandfish is quite rare and is only available in the desert area of the game which is known as the Calico desert. This desert contains some unique features compared to other areas of the game. It has a shop called Oasis, that helps you forage items for the bundles but most importantly, it has the rare Sandfish.

Timing to Find Stardew Valley sandfish

The sandfish can be caught from 6am to 8pm on any day.

Things Required in Order to Find Stardew Valley sandfish

You will need 4 bundles and 42,500G, a rod and most importantly, your time and effort in finding the Sandfish. The details on how to find one are given below.

How to Find Stardew Valley Sandfish

Catching a Stardew valley sandfish can be difficult since it is quite a long process. In order to catch the sandfish, you need to travel to the Calico desert, and if you want to reach the Calico desert, you will need to travel through the bus. Yes, it is the same bus that broke down at the start of the game when you reached Pelican town. So if you want to have access to the Calico desert, you need to fix the bus.

The only way to repair the bus is by finishing the Vault bundle at the community centre. The Vault bundle is one of the easiest bundles in the game to complete. However, first, you need to complete about 4 bundles before you can have access to the Vault bundle. After you have completed these 4 bundles, a vault will appear in the top right corner room in the community center.

In order to complete this vault bundle, all you need is money. You do not need to put any effort or time in it. Only 42,500G are needed in order to finish this bundle. Vault bundle is divided into 4 parts. For first, you will need 2500G. For second, 5000G. For third, 10,000G and for the last, you will need 25,000G. Once you spend a total of 42,500G on these community center bundles, the community center will repair the bus for you as a reward.

After getting the community center to fix the bus for you, Pam will become the bus driver. He will arrive at the bus stop at 10 AM on any day, whenever you want to visit the Calico desert. Pam will stop at the bus stop which is literally east of your farm. There is a metal stand near the bus stop. You can buy the bus ticket for 500G from there. Despite the game’s constant change of weather according to the real-life seasons, the weather in the Calico desert always remains the same. Zero time is taken travelling on the bus, despite the distance between the Pelican town and the desert. You will also need the bus to return to your hometown. You can stay at the desert as long as you want. However, after 12:30, there will be an energy penalty every minute you stay longer at the Calico desert.

There are 2 types of fish that can catch in the desert, first being, the Scorpion Carp and the second being, the sandfish. However, finding the Sandfish is harder than the former one. Hence, after you reach the Calico desert, you will need to have put in your effort and time if you want to nab a Sandfish.

How Much Does the Stardew Valley Sandfish Sell For?

Since Stardew valley Sandfish are a bit rare. They are of more value compared to the average fish in the game. Every fish in Stardew valley has 3 qualities or kinds of it, bronze star, silver star and gold star and with each star, the value of the sandfish keeps on increasing. Bronze star sandfish is quite easy to catch but the golden star sandfish is quite difficult to find in the Calico desert. If you catch a bronze star sandfish, it will sell for 75 coins. If you catch a silver star sandfish, it will sell for 93 coins, and golden star sandfish will sell for 112 coins.

Are There Any Alternate Ways to Find the Stardew Valley Sandfish?

There is no other way in finding the Sandfish except one. If you get lucky enough, you might find one from the Travelling Cart or Travelling Merchant. If you want a Sandfish as soon as possible and do not want to go through this long process of finding one, the Travelling cart is the best alternative of catching a Sandfish, and not mention, the only one.

It is advisable to keep checking the travelling cart once a day to ensure that you do not miss the Sandfish or anything else you may need. However, the only downside to this alternative is that the travelling cart does not have a steady supply of the Sandfish and sometimes, it can be too expensive to buy one from there.

Uses of the Stardew Valley Sandfish

  1. The sandfish can be used to make Maki roll. You will need one sandfish, one seaweed and one rice. It restores 100 energy and 45 health. It can be sold for 220G.
  2. It can also be used to make Sashimi, which is literally thin slices of raw fish. You will only need one sandfish for this dish. It restores 75 energy and 33 health. It can be sold for 75G.
  3. It can be used to create a dyeable fish shirt with the help of spool of the sewing machine.
  4. It is used to make quality fertilizer, which improves soil quality. You will need two sap and one sandfish, and has the value of 10G.
  5. Sandfish can also be placed in your personal fish pond. Sandfish produce Roe every four days in the fish pond, which can be sold for 67G.
  6. The sandfish is needed in multiple quests as well such as the ‘help wanted quest’ and ‘fish pond quest’.

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