The best apps to replace WhatsApp on old phones

The best apps to replace WhatsApp on old phones

WhatsApp is constantly getting updates to get new features and also stay safe. However, as of November 1st 2021, anyone who has an old cell phone runs the risk of not having access to the service and, therefore, it may be a good idea to check which are the best messengers to replace WhatsApp on old phones. For those who still don’t know we are talking about 43 older smartphone models that won’t be supported any longer by this app.

Fortunately, for this task, there are several very comprehensive options for Android phones, iOS (iPhone system), and many of them can also be used even on PC. In this article, we gone check out the 5 best messengers to replace WhatsApp on old phones.

(Android 4.4+ & iOS 11.0+)

Being considered one of the most secure messaging applications today, Signal is slowly becoming more popular. Being a free option, Signal brings HD voice / video calls, advanced options to edit images and even the ability to customize alerts for each of your contacts.

For those who need to use it on the PC will also like to know that Signal has versions for Windows, Mac and Linux, which can be downloaded through its official website.

(Android 4.0+ & iOS 9.0+)

Another very popular application, mainly because of its channels and other exclusive features, it is also a good option for those who have an old phone. In fact, in one of its latest updates, Telegram finally received long-awaited support for voice calls with some very different features for cell phones.

Another advantage of Telegram in relation to WhatsApp is due to its login system, which facilitates its use on multiple devices. That means you won’t need to use it only on your main smartphone, but you can also install it and sync across many different devices.

(Android 4.0+ & iOS 10.0+)

Skype is a program that started on computers, but is currently available on various platforms. Despite not being as easy to use as the other programs on this list, thankfully Skype still works fine on some older devices.

With regard to video calls, application stands out from the rest with the option to blur your background or even use a virtual background, which can be very useful on different occasions especially if you used WhatsApp for your business calls.

(Android 5.0+ & iOS 12.0+)

Another well-known option on our list is the Viber application, which stands out for having groups of up to 250 people. Not only that, many people also like the application for the ease with which it allows you to hide certain conversations, make voice and video calls, pin chats, write & keep notes, and much more.

(Android 5.0+ & iOS 11.0+)

Another prominent application on the list is WeChat, which in addition to being used to exchange messages also has games, embedded programs and even a payment system, which is already very popular in other parts of the world such as China, Japan and Russia.

(Android 5.0+ & iOS 11.0+)

Considered by many to be one of the first messengers that appeared on the mobile market, ICQ has changed a lot since its inception and has even received this year a very interesting new version with option to read news.

(Android 4.1+ & iOS 9.0+)

A very interesting option especially for those who want to talk to strangers without having to pass their data is Kik. With Kik you can create an account without using the phone number, create groups of up to 50 people using only hashtags. For those users who want to easily find their Kik friends they can use very popular service such as

(Android 5.0+ & iOS 11.0+)

The last title on our list is Kakaotalk, whose main highlight is the fact that it allows the creation of groups with no limit on the number of participants. In addition, the application also features unique emoticons and even a “voice filter”, which allow you or your friends to create a funny voices.

We hope you liked our suggestions and that you will find some of the apps useful to replace your WhatsApp on older phone. If you have any other app suggestion which we didn’t covered above, please let us know in comment section below.

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