Top 4 Digital Marketing Tactics for Conversion of Bottom-Funnel Prospects

Top 4 Digital Marketing Tactics for Conversion of Bottom-Funnel Prospects

The bottom of the marketing funnel consists of the toughest prospects. This is the stage where a prospect is already aware of the available options. Thus, things get intense. It is all about giving the last nudge that convinces them to purchase your products or services. There are no sales if you are unable to convert your bottom-funnel prospects. Thus, you need to be ready with the most utmost solution based on their need. Some of the best digital marketing tactics for converting bottom-funnel prospects are given below:

Retargeting/remarketing ads:

The best way in which one can influence the bottom of funnel prospects is by retargeting or remarketing ads. This method works flawlessly, especially for eCommerce stores. Bottom of funnel remarketing must target straightforward conversion for explosive revenue growth. Super Gravity Group can be hired to achieve faster growth. For instance, if you have an eCommerce website, you can consider call-to-action (CTA) with an immediate link to check out or to add products quickly to your cart. Those are typically known as dynamic ads by Facebook and are used by several eCommerce stores to show ads that have products that people have seen on their app or website. While setting up remarketing ads with Facebook Ads manager or Google Display Network, you can set objectives based on actions that you want your customers to take, like making a call directly or purchasing on your site.

Offer a special offer or a discount:

One irresistible offer can tilt their conviction towards your services or products. Thus, try to come up with special offers for your audience. Offers like providing free installation or free delivery, when your rivals overcharge for the same services may give you victory with more customers than any other way. Having a distinct play to Incentivize the prospects to make them buy is probably one of the most common strategies. Throwing offers is not the only factor in discounting pricing. To make discounting successful, you need to understand what kind of offers perfectly fits your audience. You can perform an A/B test to determine what kind of offers work best for you.

A demonstration is important:

It is always not about proving why your products or services are better than your customers. You need to focus on proving how they are going to help your customers. Displaying video demos and testimonials enhances the personalization. Display a review or a demo to your prospects that match their needs. It works too well if you have collected information about the prospect previously. Make sure that your product is addressing the customers across different industries. This is because a prospect gets more encouraged for conversion when they see how your services or products have helped other people having similar needs. You can also offer them for consultation. In this way, you can also get valuable information and understand your customers.

Upselling can be beneficial:

It seems common to offer a customer an additional product when they are not convinced yet to purchase the principal or main product. The marketers mostly wait until the conversion takes place before upselling to their customers. Although, you need to use the strategy wisely because you will not want to give out more money for an expensive additional item when they are already convinced to purchase the main product. They work best with complementary products. You can also opt for one-click upsells to eliminate that extra step in the purchase journey.


If you are targeting the conversion of bottom-sell prospects, you need to be more creative than intensive. Make use of the collected information about your prospects to determine what moves them the most. Although, everything boils down to the product type you are offering and the audience type you are trying for conversion.


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