Wood Floor Sanding: All We Need to Know

Wood Floor Sanding: All We Need to Know

Do you want to order grinding in Minsk? That way! We provide services for grinding floor coverings in Minsk at prices below market prices! Our craftsmen have experience of 12 years: they know exactly how to sand the floor without dust and in the shortest possible time. The cost can be seen below. We use high-quality professional equipment for floor treatment: there will be no defects, scratches and dust. 100% guarantee for the result of polishing work! The prices for polishing the wooden floor are combined in packages (information about them is presented on the main page), ordering which you can also save!

There is a service called “Sablage de plancher de bois franc” from a reliable company for sanding hardwood floors which is worth trying if your house wooden flooring have gone old.

Features of choosing a good floor sanding vendor:

  • Sanding wood flooring with a quality guarantee!
  • Departure to the object on the day of order
  • Full range of services for working with wooden floors
  • Low prices.
  • Experience of masters – from 12 years
  • Quality tools

Sanding of a wooden floor is a mandatory stage in the restoration of a plank floor, which involves the removal of the upper thin layer of wood and the coating of parts with protective and decorative mixtures (varnish, drying oil, toning, etc.).

By sanding the old wooden floor, the appearance of the new coating is restored, eliminating defects in use, dirt and loose paint or varnish. We offer wood floor sanding at prices that you can’t find cheaper!

Grinding Steps

Coating preparation

At this stage, the condition of the floor is carefully studied and, if necessary, the worn-out floorboards are removed, instead of which new ones are laid. The cost of the work is also estimated. If a squeak and deflection of the supporting beams of the wooden floor is detected, their condition is checked. Problematic beams are repaired, then the surface is cleaned with a construction vacuum cleaner. If the floor surface is covered with mastic, it is removed with a sponge soaked in solvent. The protruding heads of the nails are sunk into the floorboards with a hammer and a doboynik. Large gaps are filled with wood chips dipped in glue. Then the problem areas are cleaned with a plane and putty. Small irregularities are corrected with sandpaper.


This is a primary or coarse sanding of the floor without dust with a sander with a coarse-grained nozzle to remove irregularities and paint residues. The grain of the abrasive nozzle is gradually increased from P24 to P80, reducing the pressure on the floor. The price of such a polishing of a wooden floor in Minsk is slightly cheaper than the subsequent stages.


This is a repeated, inexpensive floor resurfacing with a 3-disc machine with a P100-P120 abrasive nozzle. Hard-to-reach places are treated with abrasive paper by hand or using an angle grinder.

Selection of the shade of the putty and filling the gaps

If it is impossible to choose an inexpensive putty of the desired color, it is made on site from PVA glue and small sawdust left after the previous stages of grinding.

Re-sanding the floor to remove raised wood pile and small bumps – turnkey.

Cleaning of shavings

With the help of a construction vacuum cleaner, wood chips and dust left after processing the flooring are removed.

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