Worthy Watches: Top 4 Most Expensive Omega Watches

Worthy Watches: Top 4 Most Expensive Omega Watches

Some people buy watches to remind them of the time, but buying their timepieces means differently for some people. Many watch collectors buy not just some ordinary watches but also the luxurious kind of timepieces. For them, it is a good investment, it’s fashionable, and because it represents their success.

There is no way you can talk about luxury watches without mentioning Omega. Why not? They are one of the best when it comes to making the most unique and quality watches. Although their timepieces are not cheap, 100% guarantee that you are not wasting your money because their products possess all the qualities you need in a watch piece.

  • Omega Constellation Manhattan

Omega Constellation Manhattan with model number is such a fantastic watch. With a whopping price of ¥3,872,637, you can have this one-of-a-kind timepiece by Omega. The materials used in this model are Sedna gold, red ruby, mother of pearl, and diamonds. That is why it is not a shock that it cost that much.

It is not only because of the materials used in making it resulted in the watch’s price but also because of its overall design. The timepiece was created for women, and the diamonds make a shooting star design that adds character to the watch piece making it more pleasing to the eyes.

The timepiece is also very durable. It was designed to resist water up to 30 meters deep, so you don’t have to worry about damaging the watch while swimming. It also utilizes quartz movement that maximizes battery autonomy for long life and a specific internal mechanism of Omega 4061.

  • Omega Seamaster

The next one on the list is Omega Seamaster with model number The price of this exquisite watch is ¥2,107,182. This model was made for men. The timepiece itself is covered with 18 karats of Sedna gold, and the back part is made out of transparent sapphire crystal, showing its Calibre, OMEGA Master Chronometer Calibre 9901.

The watch’s strap is made out of high-quality rubber. One of the best things about this timepiece is its impressive ability to resist water up to 300 meters deep, hence the name Seamaster. The overall design of the watch screams class. From its color to its design, it is as if it was made to impress women.

  • Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean

The third one on the list is another Omega watch from the Seamaster collection. It is the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean with model number It is a men’s watch that was inspired by the original Omega’s Maritime Collection. This timepiece is sold for ¥1,755,364, a reasonable price for its quality.

Speaking of quality, Omega watches don’t disappoint when it comes to quality. It is evident with this model. The watch’s body is made out of gold, and the back that shows the Omega Master Chronometer Calibre 8901 is made out of transparent scratch‑resistant sapphire crystal.

This timepiece was not just made to please the eyes of everyone who see it, but it is also made to impress people with its features, which include the jaw-dropping ability to resist water up to 600 meters deep. The watch earned its Master Chronometer status by Passing the eight meticulous tests conducted by METAS.

  • Omega Speedmaster

The last model on the list is Omega Speedmaster with model number 310. Although this exquisite timepiece is the cheapest watch on the list with a price of ¥1,454,455, it is one of the best watch pieces on the market. This fantastic piece of art is a limited edition watch with just 6969 pieces ever made.

The watch is made out of stainless steel with some intricate designs made of 18 karats of Moonshine gold that added more beauty to the timepiece and can resist water up to 50 meters. The back case of the watch is Omega’s iconic design that contains engravings. It is running Omega Master Chronometer Calibre 3861, which explains its efficiency in giving accurate time.


Watches are not just accessories. There is so much more to these timepieces than just only a part of someone’s style. That is why it is essential to choose the best when it comes to picking watches. Omega is indeed one of the best when it comes to making the best watches. The company makes sure that its products are perfect, both in aesthetics and functionality.

Although Omega watches can be costly, spending a ton of money on their timepieces will all make sense when you finally get the chance to own one of them. Having one of their timepieces will not only add up to your list of properties but will also give you confidence, happiness and will remind you that your hard work is paying off.

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